Saline County : Saline: Our Community, Our Dollars

  • Our Community, Our Dollars is working to give residents in Saline County a say in whether the county should be changed from “dry” to “wet.”


  • The Clark County Case – Alcohol Sales


    Alcohol sales impact on Clark County Clark County (KATV) – When Clark County voted to legalize alcohol during the 2010 election, it changed the county in many ways, this November, Arkansans could vote to legalize… Read more »

  • Update from Arkansas Business

    Arkansas Business

    … Our Community, Our Dollars says it will turn all its efforts for the legalization of retail alcohol sales to Saline County, and end its efforts in Faulkner and Craighead counties. “We just received word from… Read more »

  • From the Arkansas News Bureau

    Arkansas News Bureau

    … Our Community, Our Dollars stated in a news release it is discontinuing its efforts in Faulkner and Craighead counties and is now focusing solely on Saline County. “We just received word from the County… Read more »

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What people are saying...

  • “The Arkansas Grocers & Retail Merchants represents retailers that do business in Faulkner, Saline, and Craighead counties, and a number of them are keenly interested in being able to better serve their customers by providing alcohol products to citizens who would prefer to purchase those products in their home counties versus having to go elsewhere. We are committed to helping ensure voters have the opportunity to be heard on this issue.”

    Polly Martin
    President, Arkansas Grocers & Retail Merchants
  • “We can offer our customers an assortment of beer, wine and liquor as part of a convenient and comfortable one-stop shopping experience. More importantly, we can provide those products in a responsible manner. We will continue to work with suppliers, retailers, legislators and other stakeholders to modernize adult beverage laws that limit consumer choice and convenience.”

    Ashley Taylor
    Vice President and Regional General Manager, Walmart Arkansas